A few Community Questions, and continuing cool tech…

I have some additional questions for the Virily community. Based on the number I will post them as the poll.

There are two IoT creation companies that I think have found a fun and interesting market. MeeperBots, is a company focused on supporting children’s expression of moving vehicles. The other great IoT creation system is Littlebits. Now Littlebits  Both of the companies started as startups. Both focus on the side of the invention. Littlebits is also something that adults can use and enjoy.




The reality of the Internet of Everything isn’t tiny sensors and small devices. It is a lot more than that. It represents devices that don’t have a computer infrastructure connecting to the internet. But it is also Cellular phones, computers, tablets and devices like Keecker! Where the device and the user then become a more interesting question. The user, of a redlight camera, is not the person sliding through the intersection; it is the police officer that reviews the recording and sends the ticket. In that scenario the pictures don’t have to be epic quality; they just need to clearly show the license plate number of the car going through the intersection illegally.

That doesn’t, by the way, raise an interesting question about ethics, but I will pass on asking that one for now.

ROVs or remotely operated vehicles (which traditionally hasn’t been drones also, but should be) is another category in the reality of IoE devices. In the best sense of presenting market size, analysts project between 14 and 15 billion IoE devices are deployed as of today 2019. The projected number in less than five years is 50 billion devices. Just to be clear that represents seven devices for each human being on earth.

Enjoy the poll!!!

Question for everyone – pick two posts and see how many one comment “comments” you get for that post. A one comment “comment” is a comment made that you reply to, but the first person never responds to the reply.

By the way, check, because you’ll some interesting names on the site that do that. Please share how many you find per post in the comments (pick any two of your posts).

  • It is ok to disagree with an author, right?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you get frustrated when comments aren’t related to your post?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you noticed the one comment, comment trend on Virily?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Since I am here only as reader, I think this post is not for me. Just the same, I answered your poll questions. Yes, it is alright to disagree with the author as long as one is doing it objectively. No, I do not get frustrated even when the commenter imposed his/her views on me and threaten to unfollow me ??. But that person gotta be lucky if he/she can sway my stand. And lastly, of course I don’t get noticed. Sometimes, I do one comment on your post; depends largely on your reply or on my mood whether or not I want to annoy you. ?

  2. 47 views, 5 votes, and 4 visitor’s comments >> 8 with your reply. One of the last posts I received a comment from 11 visitors >> 34 total comments, that was my note when writing this comment. Yesterday I had a chance to see my old posts which could get more than 250 views and commentators more. My point is, I feel that the number of (old) active users has been reduced even though the total number of users has increased. I then dreamed that all active users were also active readers and commentators. Well, at least not 4 or 11 commentators on our post but it can be more than that, for all posts of all users.

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