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You have not done your work, Dreamcatcher on my wall,

 Again you’ve lied to me! A dreadful dream still looms. 

It is of a face, I’d rather not see.

 How is it, Dreamcatcher, that a face, her face,

 still sets my pulse racing?

 Those indigo eyes, above those cherry red lips.

Her final fascination with me, as jokingly I remarked,

“You don’t kiss me anymore Could it be, you like another more?”

 And so, her dagger pierces my heart, Rock-solid we had been, at least,

to me, it seemed so.

Should I now also ask, Et Tu, my dearest Pauline, Et Tu?

 Lightning-fast you departed that night. I still cannot believe how easily.

40 years together you so swiftly set asunder, I never saw it come. 

How dare she, now invade my dreams, what enmity.

 Please, Dreamcatcher, I need your help, Because, without it, I can never start again.

I had deeply loved the face that haunts me now

Her love for me has died, the specter of it now is no welcome site 

Oh Dreamcatcher, remove her from my dreams that I might live again.

By Tranquilpen

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  1. I wrote this several years ago after this situation happened to my best friends. They have since gone their separate ways and he too has found someone who worships the ground he walks on. He really deserves his new love. Thanks for commenting.

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