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Me and my friend have one business idea. We want to open a service for cleaning homes. In the beginning the two of us will be doing all the cleaning until we earn some money to buy some machines for cleaning furniture. These machines are quite expensive and we are not able to buy them from the start.

I am planning to make a page on Facebook and promote us online. Also, we will put some posters in our city so that people can contact us. We have the will to start this business, but we are also aware that the beginning will be very hard. The idea is actually pretty good, since there is no such service of that kind in my city. And a lot of women are interested in that service. But, it’s hard to find someone since there is no such company here. We plan to make it official in time, when we see how it will all work out for us. Will we have enough regular customers, will we be earning some decent money with our work? We are optimistic and enthisiastic. And we are prepared for hard work.

Unemployment is a big problem in my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Corruption is everywhere. It is hard to get a job with university degree if you don’t have some rich cousin or politician. Nobody appreciates hard work and knowledge. I have law degree and I can not find a job in my profession for six years since I don’t know any influential people and my father is not some famous rich man. This is why we decided to start our own small business. I sincerely hope that in time we will be successful and that our idea will go to a higher level – to start our own company!

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  1. Good Luck with your Business idea. I think it is a very good plan to start with. Then after you have some satisfied regular customers, you can to to offices and businesses and offer to clean their offices after hours.

  2. It will take persistence, hard work and determination. You should definitely build a website, Ask satisfied customers for reviews. List your business in online directories. A blog may be a nice complement to your website. It is very important that you develop a social media presence. There is lots more work to do. But that’s a start. Wish you success!


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