10 Cleaning tips for people who hate housework

Do you like to keep your hands and nails as beautiful as pearls?

Then, you may be surely hating household work, mainly cleaning chores. You’ll find it a troublesome thing to wash dishes, clean kitchen utensils, and cutleries, etc. But, if there’s a will, there’s a way to manage both sides. Some housewives keep the house neat and tidy. They still maintain the beauty in excellent condition. So, please be on the right rack and try out these tips. Then you can both eat the cake and have it.

These are 10 tips anybody can easily carry out to make some of the essential household work easier. Then you will feel more comfortable.

Use a lemon to clean stainless steel.

Do you want to have your kitchen smell fresh and clean? Without taking much effort, you can use a halved lemon to rub and clean your kitchen utensils made of stainless steel. Especially, you can rub your sink, tap, plates, and cups made of stainless steel. You may wonder at the glow and freshness it gives. Also, lemon will remove the stains and dirt on your nails too.

Steam clean the microwave.

You can clean the microwave oven quite easily using a lemon. Cut a lemon into small pieces and put them into a fiber bowl of water. Put it in the oven and heat the oven until the water boils. Keep it that way until the vapor mixed with citrus wet the walls of the oven. Then put it off. Let it cool. Then with a clean piece of cloth, you can clean the interior of the oven carefully.

Make the bed every morning

Make it a habit of making your bed as soon as you get up. Never leave it disheveled, because then it will also be an additional work you have to perform the daily chores. Also, tell the others in your family to perform this same routine. Then it will be nice and tidy.

Fold and stack dishes vertically, not horizontally

Most people keep dishes as a heap. But, if you need to select a dish, is it easy to find one? You’ll have to keep the upper ones aside and struggle a bit to find it. But, if you store them vertically, you’ll not find it that difficult. With one move, you can directly find the dish you need to take. It will save your time. And your kitchen will have a good look too.

Fold and stack clothes vertically, not horizontally

This is the same theory that you applied for the dishes. Finding a cloth or dress will be easier for you then. Otherwise, you will have to struggle a lot, and your heaps of clothes will be a mess at the end.

Wash dishes straightaway

Well, this is a simple tip. But, you can change the appearance and smell of the whole kitchen wondrously this way. Some kitchens often give a filthy stench. This smell comes out of your used unwashed plates and dishes. So, you can easily get rid of this problem by washing dishes as soon as you finished eating. Never postpone washing your kitchen utensils, because kitchen should be kept in good condition all the time. The cleanliness of it becomes a threat to your health as well.

Use a pastry brush to get crumbs out of a toaster

You may find it a difficult, time-wasting and tiring task to remove bread crumbs out of your toaster. But, it’s not that hard with a pastry brush. You can rub off all the bits out of the toaster and pat it dry quickly.

Store sheet sets in pillowcases

In my case, I find it a time-consuming task to find the matching bed sets. If I find the matching pillowcases, then it’s hard to find the bed sheet that goes with them. But, finally, I succeeded. I pack all the matching sets in the pillow cases and store them in the cupboard. Since the whole set is together, you’ll find it easier to take them for laying.

Use cola to clean the toilet

Did you ever try this practically?

You might have heard this often as a warning not to consume cola as a beverage as it’s considered as a toilet washer. Try this one day, and I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the wondrous glitter you get in the commode.

Create routines that suit you

You may be a busy person who comes home late in the evening after another tiresome day’s work. So, you have to do everything in a short time. Thus, the little time you have is like gold to you. Then you have to manage everything in an organized manner in order not to confuse your household chores and profession. Plan your day’s work. If your daily routine is not a fixed one, you can make a temporary routine at the beginning of each day. So, it’s easier for you not to clash everything together. There should be a specific time for everything.

So, how do you feel now? Are you changed a bit? Don’t stick to traditional ways and means to do the things. Adjust yourself a bit to suit the modern world. So, you can win the challenge of maintaining both housework and office work in a balanced way.


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Written by Chad Rubin

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