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20 years old burger

Want to see the 20-year-old burger of the world’s most popular food chain? If you also want to see a McDonald’s 20 year old burger, i satisfy your desire today.

US State of Ottawa resident surprised everyone by showing a 20 years old McDonald’s burger 20 years old. Because this burger looks the same today as  it was at the time of purchase

David Whipple told .that he purchased this burger on July 7, 1999 from McDonald’s in Ottawa for use in a presentation. David said that this burger that came in the ‘Big Mac Tin’ and he had forgotten it in the pocket of their coat and after which this burger remained in his coat pocket for many years.

David said he found this burger in his coat pocket several years later in 2013 and when he found this burger several years later, he was surprised to see it. David said this burger was exactly the same as the one he bought while the burgers smelled like a cardboard.David added that he has now preserved the burger.

  • Why burger is called Burger?

    • I,ll explain in comments
    • I have no idea


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  1. Ottawa is technically a province in Canada not a state in the US!

    there are many legends of where the name burger came from. originally it was referring to a ground patty of meat served in Hamburg, but there was no bun with that.

    Later it was modified, in France to add a piece of bread on the top and bottom.


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