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Shout out to Doc Andersen who recommended that I try the cajun fries at Five Guys. I felt very giddy-like to try something new and visited promptly after my work shift. I didn’t just want to visit and order just cajun fries, so I ordered a cheeseburger w/ little cajun fries and a drink.

It seemed as though they gave me more fries than what the little, aka a small consists of, but I surely wad not complaining. If that was a small, then next time I visit I will seek out a  kid-sized portion because that was a lot! I don’t believe I have ever had cajun fries before, especially fries that are as seasoned as these. However, ketchup made them a little more tolerable to eat because I was not a fan of all the seasoning. Now that cheeseburger on the other hand was huge, and delicious!

To conclude, I am happy that I made it out to Five Guys, but I would like to try a different location in order to see how they season their fries because that was the only thing I was slightly not fond of at Five Guys ; )

Thanks Doc

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