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Corona Burger

During the Corona virus epidemic, a Vietnamese chef made the first burger in the form of Corona virus last month, but now the demand for it has increased. The Corona virus epidemic originated in China and is spreading rapidly around the world, but surprisingly, Vietnam, a country adjacent to China, did not allow the deadly virus to spread in its own country.

While the credit for the success goes to the government’s tough measures, the people have also adopted interesting methods to raise awareness about this deadly virus. Corona Burger was unveiled at a Hanoi restaurant last month, but demand is growing by the day, and the Vietnamese restaurant’s reputation has spread around the world.

Corona burgers are now being made in other countries as well, but the first Vietnamese restaurant chef, Huang Tang, to make a burger in the shape of a corona virus.

The owner of the restaurant says that by eating Corona Burger, you will not get infected with this deadly virus, but you will remember how to avoid Corona. Restaurant owners also wear corona-like hats at work.

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