The McDonald Coffee Lawsuit

This video is another Truther video by Adam Ruins Everything. It is about the McDonald Coffee Lawsuit, where an old lady accidentally burned herself badly with a cup of very hot coffee. I personally don’t understand how that can happen. I have burned myself many times in different situations because I am klutzy. But I have never burned myself that bad.

I am not even sure if this incident was recent or not, but I wonder if there was more to it. It is just weird that someone would get burned that bad from fast food coffee, file lawsuit, and win a lot of money.

I think Ronald McDonald intentionally did it because his promotional modeling career has been fading similar to a former child actors. I think Ronald was under the MK-Ultra mind control program’s traumatic abuse, and sometimes he went by Bozo, Joker, and Hollywood Circus Media Clown Ronnie.


What do you think?