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Poll….Fast foods

I love many types of fast foods and 2 of them are pizza and burgers. I love me a food cheese pizza for sure . For burgers i am a little bit pickers. I love then well done with katsup and cheese only and i dont like them tick either . What one do you like more pizza or burgers . I would love to see what is more picked for all you . And if you have time let me know what kids of pizza and burgers you like.

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    pizza v’s burger

    • burger
    • pizza
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    Tacos v’s Chicken

    • Taco’s
    • Chicken
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    Fries v’s Baked potato

    • Fries
    • Baked Potato


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  1. I ♡ KFC, Popeyes Chicken & miss Church’s Fried Chicken also give 2 thumbs up for Five Guys for serving 2 of my favorites burgers and fries Up here in Massachusetts we sorely lack White Castle & Jack In The Box. Nice happy poll Jenny 🙂

  2. I don’t eat fast food very often, though I like it sometimes when I’m out. My 15-yo boy is crazy about pizza. He bakes it himself, with a ridiculous amount of cheese 😮