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Do you want to see a place of fairy tales?

There really is. One of them is in Romania. The Castle of Lut in the Zânelor Valley. Located just 40 kilometers from Sibiu, this unusual castle, which seems to have been built by hobbits, is made only from natural materials. Although Castle Hill was not yet ready to receive guests when the pictures were taken, its unique beauty made this place one of the most popular tourist attractions on our side.

The castle is made of natural materials, the walls being made of a mixture of earth, water, straw, clay and sand. The roof with thousands of slopes is made of spindle shingle and the towers are made of river stone. Despite the unusual forms of this structure, the Castle of Lut is perfectly integrated with the surrounding area.

To get to Castle Hill from the Zane Valley, leaving Sibiu, you have to head to Făgăraş on the European road E68. Near the village of Porumbacu de Jos you turn right and go another 9 km until you reach the castle, while admiring the huge Fagaras Mountains that will rise under your gaze. a wonderful thing!

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