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Wander project What my Grandfather saw…

I’ve shared my father’s many pictures of the Wisconsin River. Today these are the very first slides I converted, using a much different system that we used for the overall Family History project. I suspect in fairness and being an IT person by profession what we did or int his case what I did was a proof of concept. The pictures of the Wisconsin River from 1969. First, you can see why my father took so many pictures of the Wisconsin River. His father took many pictures of the Wisconsin River. Also, none of the pictures you see today are off the beaten path. You can’t drive to where the pictures were taken from. There are no roads that lead to where these pictures happened.

To get most of the pictures you see today, there is a considerable amount of walking. My grandfather loved to walk. His sport of preference then was golf. He walked the courses of Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. I learned golf from my mother’s father. I never got to play gold with my father’s father. It is one of those things I wish I had been gifted with by time. He passed away before I was old enough to understand what a game of golf was. By the time I did understand the game of golf enough to look forward to playing, my father’s father was gone. My dad never really played golf. He never really learned to love the game. Funny but he did learn the love of walking from his father.

That was passed on to me as well, but it took many more years for me to understand that. Anyway, to see the places that you see today, there is a lot of walking — not walking on a flat path, a paved route. Rather instead this is walking uphill. Goat trails they are sometimes called. Billy Goat to be completely factual, trails. As though Billy Goats are the only thrill seekers on earth. Cougars, Mountains lions, and panters also love places like that. There is an advantage to being above. I have been to some of the places in the past, there are pictures of a young me, walking with my grandfather and father and standing near the Wisconsin River in places that the tourists don’t go.


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