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Wander project what my grandfather saw

The origin, the beginning, the genesis of the family history project. The first scanned slides. Over the years, we moved from scanning one by one to scanning multiple slides at once. We tried five different slide scanners over the years. I won’t go into the scanning tech, I’ve covered that many times in my daily tech post. Rather, it was these slides that began the process. In part, my father was concerned that scanning would damage the slides. That was the initial conversation and based on that he was willing to give me the one set of my grandfather’s slides that were duplicate slides to start the process. Our initial agreement was scan these slides, and we will see.

They turned out perfectly, and dad was happy. He gave me the rest of grandpa’s slides. 1200 or so slides overall organized int a steel case, and one steel consider. Nealy organized with cards separating the years. These pictures from the last year my grandparents were in Wisconsin Dells (maybe now that I think about it, they are in the dells for one more year). 1968. The pictures are all of 50 years ago. Now, in the life of a river, 50 years is nothing. In the life of human civilization, 50 years is generational. The location where some of my grandfather’s pictures were taken has now been filled with parking lots and buildings. Many made vista’s so that all can see what is there.

Humans continue to move forward at a rate faster than Nature. The other side of dad’s concern was the damage to the slides. These were scanned without damage. Sadly, the time had damaged many of the slides. But that wasn’t something dad, and I talked and worried about. We were more worried about the physical damage to the slides, rendering them unusable as slides. Dad still had his Kodak Carousel slide project at home. He left that to me with all his slides after his passing. I have plugged it in once, it still works, but I have not used the slide projector. I keep it because it was my father’s.  Plus it is cool to have a slide projector, fun old tech to share with people!


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