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Wander project what my Grandfather saw…

The pictures today are from the same overall folder as the last ones. However, with these, you begin to see some of the issues that come with storing slides for years. The slide holders decay. The images decay. These are pictures from Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. It was taken in 1962. So the pictures are of events that occurred more than 56 years ago. Some of the damage to these slides  I do not know at this point edit or modify the slides. They are as they were scanned. Yes, the scanning process modified the slides. Yes, I could straighten them, but them right side up. But I can’t do that personally right now. It has to do with the impact of who took the slides for me.

My memories of the Dells are few. I remember the playground that was near my grandparent’s house. I remember the boardwalk as it was then, and has been in 2011, close; I am sure to what it is now. My earliest memories of the Dells are around the original Amusement Park. We went to that amusement park, the kids and I in 2011. But in the 1960’s I remember it had a fort, wooden fort. It was called Fort Dells. The park back in the early days was comprised wholly of rides. Now it is a huge park with an indoor and an outdoor water park, and lots of rides. But my memory of the first time I went is only of the fort and none of the rides. We went to many amusement parks when I was little.

But I only remember the fort.

I do also remember my grandparent’s house, in particular, the main area when you came in the door. My grandmother often sat in the parlor and read. My grandfather had his Military stuff (saddle, saddlebags, and pictures) down in the basement. His tools and workbench were in the outbuilding that was behind the house. I remember him always have chocolate covered cherries (I love them to this day)! They did not live in that house when my father was little. Then, they lived above my Grandfather’s shoe store in an apartment. My father had three sisters. My dad was born in the Dells, and lived there until he was 18. I know we went back often but he never lived there again.

The dells is not upside down.

I guess when it comes to scanning you get what you pay for!

My aunt, upside down

wouldn't the hay fall up?

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