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Wander project water :-)

Nestled safely in our slip, we wandered the docks of the marina a bit. We got lucky, an outside slip! Not far from the gas pumps, not far from the water. Funny, they dredge around the marinas in the Annapolis area. Rivers tend to carry things along their journey. The larger items move slowly down the path of the river. Some rocks have moved down the river for thousands of years. Their journey not yet fully begun. Trees often flow down the river sticking often along the way. Eventually they, the trees become waterlogged and sink below the surface as they continue their path down the river. That, the submerged log is the most dangerous of all.  Deep enough to be below the water, but close enough to the surface to manage.

The water of a river is very different, and we are a bit down the river.  The brackish water (mix of salt and fresh water) is further down river. We still have to worry about all the things in the river. But it is interesting to think about that water. Lars is heading out to the boat this coming weekend. He was forgotten (forlorn?) last weekend. Lars had to have his car painted, sitting in the sun chipped the paint of his cap. It is always fun to see the new neighbors as well. As we walked by, we found a couple of boats that caught our eye. The picture of the blue, blue boat was for my wife. She loves blue, and a boat that was well, blue blue was something that made her happy.

The picture of Serenity’s boat was also fun. Serenity is my future son-in-law’s dog. Her having a boat near us made us happy! We, of course, didn’t know Serenity had a boat. I guess her day trading has gone well!

I realized with boating season started that I didn’t share pictures from my dad. I will do some of his pictures during the week for a while. I don’t want to stop the momentum!  Plus, I love sharing the picture that dad saved. I can’t wait to get out the fishing gear and settle in for an afternoon of fishing. Or, better, getting up early in the morning and heading out fishing early!!!!

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  1. Great photos. When I lived in Latvia we live in the capital Riga and it is on the Daugava River and when boating season arrived the river was always full of all kinds of boats. Everyone just had to be careful because in Riga Harbor the giant cruise ships also came in. I always thought I rather amusing seeing the tourist come out of the ship looking like little ants while the cruise ship towered above them at least four decks high. Now where I live in Florida I have the choice of wandering by the Atlantic Ocean or by the Halifax River.

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