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I want to start by saying thank you. Thank you o my daughter and wife for putting all of this together. Thank you to my son-in-law’s father for making the rehearsal dinner, and helping so much with the service. My son-in-law’s mother also helped so much and made a huge contribution, so I want to thank her as well. My mother, sisters and the rest of my family chipped in and helped so much. My wife’s brother came a day early, and helped us from minute one! We could not have pulled this event together without the village (my family, my wife’s family, my son-in-law’s family) pitching in and helping us. My favorite picture today is the last one, me walking my daughter down the aisle.

There was no trepidation because they were already married and had been for a while. But, I have to say I got a bit choked up when we walked down the aisle. That, however, is not why I am looking down in the picture. Honestly, I have two left feet attached to two right legs. I am not particularly good at walking in the right manner for a wedding. We (my daughter and I) agree left foot, together, left foot. She did that because I think she was afraid I was going to trip over my own feet! Because we were in a bar, my daughter had the wedding party wear Vans and the other people in the service wearing Converse tennis shoes. At least my feet didn’t hurt!

There was a moment, as my daughter and I hugged, that I felt a twinge.

It was also a moment afterward, as we were standing by the barn taking the first pictures hugging my son-in-law and a bunch of new family members. It was a little daunting to consider. But that is a story for another post. The service didn’t have a person leading the service. The two of them read their vows to each other than then, and they called for the Ring Bear to bring the rings. The Ring Bear was so excited he pulled the twin leading him down the aisle. I guess he knew that what was happening was a big deal.  It was fun having the ceremony in the Hay Mow. The smell of hay was all around us as they read their vows!


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  1. We not have what you have called rehearsel dinner but the previous evening both in their respective homes go through a ceremony where all loved ones apply coconut juice on them and the bride’s mother takes her for a last bath as an unmarried girl and same happens in the boy’s home


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