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Wander project Valentines day 2020

There is a moment when you meet someone that they change everything. Not in a negative way in ways you can’t imagine. The pictures are of my wife over the years before she was my wife — images of a person that rings true to me every single day. I remember as a child taking a bag to the classroom that I decorated, hoping to get valentines to form my classmates, I did, but not everyone. I don’t know why I remember that to this day. I always made sure when Iw as a teacher that every kid got a valentine. Now I only get one Valentine, and it is worth more than all the Valentine’s I got when I was a teacher, all the valentines I got as a student, it is worth everything to me.

The person that changed my life has been my partner now; this is our 30th valentines as a couple. I shared via podcast our story set in the style of the moving when Harry Met Sally. I won’t retell that story. It has been shared before. Instead, let me share a different story for Valentine’s day. We, my then-fiance and I, moved to Ohio. We had both grown up in Bloomington. My wife was born in Bloomington, Indiana, and left for Phoenix, Arizona, then returned. I moved to Bloomington when I was five or so, left for Thailand, and returned to Bloomington. We met, as you can hear in the story, several times over the years. It is funny how you have to be ready to be with someone.

But that was then. The layers of dust on the past shakes loose today, doesn’t change anything. The moments we have shared are treasures. We moved on Memorial Day in 1991, drove to Cincinnati, Ohio, to start our life. We moved to Indiana again, both of us Yo-Yo Indiana residents, leaving and returning twice each. We became us in Cincinnati. We added we (twins) in Cincinnati. But we were always we, us. Today is a day many celebrate the romance, the love the fire. We have celebrated that, my wife and I for many years now. I would add that now we also celebrate the friendship. The compassion and having someone that not only knows you, but has the history to remember you.

Thank you again, my Love, for 30 years of Valentine’s day!


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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