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Wander project recovering from 9/11 and walking in the Black Hills

One of the things that makes me sad is when people trot out the conspiracy theory that the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, was actually inside job — done, on purpose to allow for a war to be started. Two thousand nine hundred people dead, because they, some shadow group wanted to kill many more people.  I wonder, if those that comment and that post on that event being a conspiracy would like the history of their country, the loss of their friends made into a fake situation.  It makes me sad sometimes to think people are that mean. I won’t dignify the conspiracy theorists by sharing many others that exist. I don’t believe in doing that, and I am still recovering from the pain of yesterday.

The pictures today are of a walk in the Black Hills. This is a later walk than the other pictures shared yesterday. Kim reminded me of the Black Hills park, and I wanted to share some pictures of it. One of the things to note is that the park is very different now, than it was 10, 14 years ago. This is partly because the lake is dying. The lake was a flood control lake, and the shifting world around the park has changed the flow of water radically. There is a huge new mall that sits just 2 miles from the park. That mall shifts a massive amount of water in a different direction. It used to flow in the creek that flowed into the lake that was the Black Hills part. Now that water flows due south.

This particular walk was with Dylan and Raven. Raven is not prey driven, except for birds. Dylan wants to catch a deer. So as we came around a corner, Dylan was on full alert. The deer in the pictures was about 10-12 feet away from us, and Dylan was ready for “lunch.” Restraining him was not that easy. Raven doesn’t care about deer as much she is more interested as I said in birds. We made it past the deer and finished the walk. One of the things we discovered over the years is the difference between maps and reality. There is a map of Black Hills Recreation area and the lake that shows a completed trail around the lake. However, the map doesn’t tell you how much of the trail was never finished.

Funding stopped, so the trail construction stopped. We ended up on the wrong side of that one walk!

the lake is so much smaller than it was just 5 years ago

  1. That’s such a sad reality Doc, one we here in South-Africa find regularly, no municipal planning and rivers frequently change direction over here. Completed trails have become dangerous from tho entirely different perspectives, one being that there are 58 murders, and 114 sexual assaults per day, (these comprise only the reported cases, many more don’t even bother reporting to the corrupt police officers), and the other reason is that there are zero maintenance programmes in place since, so called democracy was instituted when the Communist ANC government took over, in 1994


we were so close it was amazing


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  1. These photos are gorgeous. I was so sad to hear of Sept 11 on that day I recall seeing the events and not believing it was actually real
    My heart goes out for all those affected by such a horrible situation.

    I know some give harsh judgement on any victim of circumstances, I don’t know why some people are just like that..


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