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Wander project on being a parent and watching mama Osprey!

Getting to the boat, the safety rules kick in. Even though I forgot to charge the camera, and later got lost on the Bay, I always remember the safety steps. The most important thing is Safety, except when it isn’t the most important thing. Kidding, it is always important to follow security and safety steps. When driving or any other activity. We did get to wander by the Osprey. There were two distinct spray nests. One was abandoned the other had mama sitting on the eggs. Last year we got to see mama feeding the babies a couple of times, we are hoping to see that this year as well. Although, based on signings, our biggest goal is to see dolphins. We’ve been hoping for two years so far!

I apologize for running late today. I had a personal event that required I leave home early. The site was down for a bit this morning. I didn’t have time to post or read.

Luckily because of the event, today is a personal day. No work, just relaxation the rest of the day.

That is unlike the poor mama Osprey. She has to sit another two, or three weeks yet before the little ones arrive. It is a thankless job, protecting your babies before they know you are protecting them. It is a thanked and welcomed job when they are old enough, but when they are tiny, they don’t know what is protecting them, or even that they need protection. Such is the reality of being a parent. You guide, guard, and support as your child spreads their wings and then flies away. Each day is a gift.

Personal business done, blogs posted. Time to get rolling no the rest of the day!


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