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The Eiffel Tower, although not the one in France. This is the one in Maineville Ohio. What, you may ask is in Maineville Ohio that would support a replica of the Eiffel Tower? It is the amusement park Kings Island. Over the years we are living in Ohio and before that, and after that Indiana, we went many times. I suspect we went to kings island (after we were together as a couple) more than 40 times for the years in Indiana, Ohio, Indiana again. We loved going, and it was a park we knew very well. We have not been in many years now as a 10-hour drive for an amusement park isn’t that high the list. There are many amusement parks within a two-hour drive of our house now.

The next couple of pictures are of the swingset my parents had in their back yard. When the kids were little, they would arrive at their grandparent’s house, and rush out to swing. Later, the twins were more active and swinging no longer cut the mustard. That was when they started climbing, all over the swing set. I will see if I can find some pictures of that. Anyway, the second two pictures are of the swing set in the back yard of my parent’s house. I would also note that based on the yard you see, this is pre-bamboo. My father planted bamboo and it took over the entire back yard. It was the back yard, by the ten an Indiana Natural resource designated bird haven.

So we have been to Maineville Ohio and Bloomington Indiana in the first few pictures. The last two are of our daughters birthday many years ago now, at our house in Cincinnati. We moved from Maineville (near Kings Island) to Western Hills about three months after our daughter was born. We lived in that house, in Western Hills for five years. We then moved to Mount Airy (just north of Western Hills), and the last two pictures are of that house. We lived in that house for a year before moving back to Indiana. I guess my wife and I were yo-yo Hoosiers although I suspect that in moving to Maryland the yo-yo may now be stuck and we won’t yo or yo again!

not Paris, Maineville Ohio!


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