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Wander project more of the things I would say to my children (later) and if they have children…

I am continuing my series within a series (Wander project, what would I say to my grandchildren/children). Today talking about the many places, we went with the dogs to take dog walks. The pictures today are from Cabin John, Maryland, a lovely area that is right by the highway, most famous probably from our perspective from the day we spent wandering there, in the time before Raven. Raven doesn’t like to walk as much as Dylan does. It is overall funny dogs have personalities just like people. The twins are not huge walking and wandering fans, and their dog isn’t either. So I would remind the twins and, by extension, their children if they so choose, about dogs.

When a dog joins your family, the dog looks around at the people. Dogs have an innate ability to understand dynamics quickly. They both seek and understand authority. Dogs like humans wish to be part of a stable pack. Stable packs, take the dog back to their wolf ancestry. A firm package is more likely to be able to get food and make sure the entire package is taken care of and provided with what each member needs. So when a dog enters a family, it begins a selection process. Dylan decided that I was his person the second day he lived with us. The first day was a rush around the day, and I think Dylan was trying to figure the old lady out (Fran). Fran was most likely already sick when Dylan joined our family.

Dylan picked me because I protected him. That was the critical thing for him. Raven picked my wife and the twins because they needed her. Dogs are attuned to need often. I would remind the twins that consistency is essential in life. Dogs show us the strength within us. They, dogs, tell us of what we need to do for the world around us, and them. Dogs like consistency, as I said, they look for stable packs. If the package is unstable, the dog isn’t able to bond as quickly. They will still bond with humans, but it will take longer. So, I would tell the twins or their children to be consistent when you can. The value in doing the same things consistently is it makes those around you more secure!


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