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Wander project (more Legoland) Denmark!

First my apologies for the duplicate pictures that are not duplicates. The Olympus camera was passed around to everyone in the family, my daughter and I was the only one using the DSLR.  What that meant were some times we ended up with two, three and sometimes four copies of a picture taken at a slightly different angle. The restaurant where we had lunch in Legoland was in the hotel connected to the park. You had to exit the park (get a stamp on your hand) and then reenter the park when you were done with lunch.  The messaging boards in the hotel used legos to spell out the various messages, which was cool.  The hotel was a long hallway from the park.

Lunch was a European Buffet. Not something most folks in the US is family with. In the US, we tend to have what is often called troughs for buffets. In Europe, there is a grazing section (salads) and then a slice of lunch meat and finally, a hot food section. We enjoyed lunch and then head back to Legoland. For the day we hit 20,000 steps.  We never left the park after returning from lunch. We walked to the sections of the park. There were several city layouts. Amsterdam, like Madurodam, Copenhagen and a few smaller recreations of Neighborhoods within Copenhagen. Like the Royal palace area, the little Mermaid and the Copenhagen harbor.

I know there are Legolands in other places, the one in Denmark is the first one. There is one in San Diego California, and I am sure other places. We had a great time wandering the park. We also stopped for snacks at various times. My favorite lego display was the Medieval section. I loved seeing the castles built out of legos! Finally, as the day wound to a close, we got back on the buses. I enjoyed driving through the Danish countryside. I had, previously stayed in various locations around Copenhagen. I even had the opportunity one time to spend a few days along the Ocean. But I had never seen the Denmkar that my family left more than 120 years before I returned!


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    • I have a dear friend that is a professional photographer, he once did a show in Chicago. Each picture was of a skyline. People were asked to guess what city it was. 1/2 of the pictures were of Chicago. The other half 1/2 were cities around the world.

      one person got 12 right. But they knew the trick beforehand. There were 32 pictures in the display!

      I got 2 right and I grew up and worked in Chicago for years!


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