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Wander project Hawaii (and warm Holiday Greetings to all!!!!)

Happy Holidays to all!

(for those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas to you and yours this 25th day of December 2019).

The pictures today are of Hawaii. The wander project is hitting Paradise Bay Hawaii. There are pictures from several events that occurred. The best thing for me was getting up early in the morning and blogging! This was back when Niume was still around, and I realized most of the Hawaii posts were on Niume. I have covered the trip to Hawaii a few times on Virily but nowhere near to the depth.

The trip in 2015 was focused on remembering my father. He did not want a funeral or awake. He wanted all of us to be together to share a meal. It was his last wish. My mother decided that all of us, together in Hawaii, was the answer to that last request. My father loved Hawaii. He loved anything tropical but Hawaii was a place he had gone to often in his life. We spent the first few days in Hawaii on a cruise. It was the Norweigan Cruise line’s Hawaiian Island hopper. We ended up visiting seven islands. Each of the islands had a unique expedition. From hanging out on the beach to visiting Volcano National park, we have fun every day. It is interesting that where we had stood at the Volcano national park was partially destroyed in the eruptions of 2018.

The primary pictures shared today are from Paradise Bay. We spent our last four days there. We rented cottages on the beach. Each morning I got up before everyone else and watched the sunrise. There are a couple of pictures of the sun rising. There is also a picture of the expeditions that were taken while hanging out at the Bay! The first expedition was the daily walk the Twins and I took. The second was my wife and daughter heading out into the Bay with one of the resorts Kayaks. I will share more pictures and memories from Hawaii later this year. But this is a starting point, images and memories that I promised another Virily member I would share again!

Paradise Bay Hawaii

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the twins and I were walking

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my wife and daughter went kayaking!

sunrise from Paradise bay

Paradies bay at low tide

out on the walk - the other side of Paradise Bay!

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