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In June of 2016, we took a long-planned family vacation to Europe. We had promised the kids for many years that we would take them to Europe. They had been to the Caribbean, to Mexico, and Thailand. We knew they could handle the 7-hour flight. But Europe is different. Different in the sense that our families come from Europe. Although, based on ancestry DNA testing, not the split that I always assumed. We flew on an airline that is no more (once called Icelandic Air). Our flight left Baltimore international airport. BWI or Thorogood Marshall International Airport. The B is for Baltimore. The W is for Washington. It is the 3rd major international airport in the DMV.

(District, Maryland and Virginia)

We flew overnight and landed around 11 am in Copenhagen. (there was a brief layover in Iceland).  We grabbed a cab and went across the city from The international airport to the harbor. Copenhagen has a harbor similar to Baltimore does. There is the inner harbor for pleasure craft and the broader commercial harbor. The Cruise ships dock in between the two in Copenhagen. We got to the ship right as boarding was starting. You get into line and wait. They check your passports and your cruise tickets first. We then had our luggage taken, to be put in our staterooms. We ended up getting two, one for the kids and one stateroom for my wife and me.

The Costa Cruise ship was clean. We had heard previously that sometimes Costa doesn’t do a good job. They were awesome on this cruise. We unpacked and went up to have a light lunch. After that, it was a journey up to the top deck to watch as the massive ship pulled out of the harbor. The fun thing was watching the sailboats off in the distance as they weaved and out of the wind turbines in the water off to the south of the harbor. We were off on our Costa Viking Cruise. Called the Viking Cruise as it replicated the journeys many Vikings took. Denmark first, then Norway, Denmark, and Germany. The first day and the pictures shared today are different. These pictures come from Gelsinger, our first stop in Norway.


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