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Wander project down a moutain, down a hill Bergen Norway…

We are heading down the hill to the fish market. We had purchased lunch at one of the restaurants. So we left the bakery and walked downhill. The town of Bergen lay before us, but at that point, our mission was the fish market. We saw all sorts of wonderful fish for sale, although, by the time we got off the train and got down the hill, the majority of the fish market was ending.  It was also interesting to walk down a hill in Norway. You can see that it was raining pretty heavily, on the way down the mountain (hill) you see most of the people in the car with us on the train had heavy rain gear. Ponchos are best for soaking rain; umbrellas are limited when you think about it.

They are above you; ponchos cover you, umbrellas keep your head warm. Your legs still tend to get wet. The rain, however, had stopped. The sky threatened rain for the rest of the day, but it was dry for most of the rest of the day. It was in Bergen that the map argument began. One of the things that I decided to do was to let the kids experience Europe. My wife also had only been to Paris, so she and my daughter had a running battle about reading the map. As in, whichever one of them had the map was not going in the right direction no matter what. For the most part, that day and in Amsterdam, my daughter had the map; She did an awesome job getting us places.

But my wife often felt we were going the wrong way. It was kind of funny to watch the two of them. We got to the restaurant to get our pre-arranged lunch. It was a sandwich smothered in Smoked Slamon. I ate a little of the bread (I gave up gluten five years ago, three years ago, when we were in Europe). The Smoked Salmon was amazing. Thick chunks with a wonderful mix of Mayo, smoke, and onion. We ate by the boats in the inner harbor — the sound of the seagulls all around us. The twins and our daughter did not eat Salmon; they selected the other sandwich options. But my wife and I enjoyed our Salmon. I could eat Smoked Salmon all the time. It is a personal favorite!


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