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The movie “Must love dogs” applies to my daughter. She loves dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, and fish. She had a Neon Tetra tank when she was little. I had to routinely sell the Tetra’s she produced to the pet store. The tank started at 20, and it never had less than 40 with my daughter care. She loves animals of all kinds. So it wasn’t surprising to my wife and me, that her finance was a huge dog lover (and animal lover). First, he is huge, well past 6 feet tall. But he also loves animals with the same passion our daughter has. Today they have two dogs, Tamsyn and Serenity. Serenity is not named for the emotional control brought by being serene. She is named for the spacecraft in the old FireFly TV show!

I mean who doesn’t love Nathan Fillion?

My future son-in-law was nervous the first time he came to our house for dinner. By the end of the meal, we had already started a great friendship that continues to grow and evolve. The two of them are very cute together. Not that cute truly matters in a relationship. It is all about caring and concern. The two of them have that in spades.

The pictures today are from our daughters 9th birthday party in 2001.

The last two pictures are from the basement bar area. I have to say when you are talking eight loud nine-year-olds, a little cognac makes things easier.

November 2001 was the beginning of a return to the new normal. Just a beginning. We had gone through the Y2k crisis the year before. Then sadly in September, the world watched a horrific even unfold. I lost a really good friend in that 2nd tower. But the world was beginning to move to its new normal. This was our daughters last birthday as a single digit. It was an amazing day.


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