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Today I have more pictures of the kids in the pool. It is now short four days to the wedding. Starting tomorrow, family and friends start to arrive. Life is expressed in the hours before a big event. We review all the steps that were taken. We look for all the mistakes we made. Did we do this right? Were we right to do this? But it is also a time when you begin to draw new lines. A wedding is something that changes both sides of the couple and the families. We are suddenly bound to a new group of people. New traditions enter the world we have been living in. Doors that we never knew were there, are thrown open and the wind allowed to blow through our lives.

There was a time when my daughter was little, and we had first moved to Indiana that she struggled. We left her friends in Cincinnati Ohio. She was close to the couple that serves as the Twins God Parents. She, our daughter, had a lot of friends. One who later moved to Chicago, they are still facebooked friends to this day.  But other friends faded from memory. She was lost to the vagaries of time and distance. We live now in a world where you can have friends you never meet. But that world exploded long after we were in Indiana. I don’t know if our daughter reconnected with some of those friends. Or if they are lost to the tendrils of memory that we hold.

To end today with a story that teases my daughter and my wife. When our daughter was little, and we had moved to Western Hills, she was in a Daycare that was south of our house. We, after my wife came home because her job was far too much. Kept our daughter in a daycare/preschool as the Gamble Nippert YMCA. If you are playing along at home the Gamble in the name, was the Gamble or one of the founders of the mega-corporation Protoc and Gamble. She came home one day excited that she had met a new friend. “His name is Neck” she told us. My wife looked quizzically and said did you mean “Nick?” Our daughter shook her head no, “Neck.” They argued for a time, but neither side was going to budge.

His name was Nick by the way.


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  1. Life really changes a lot after the baby is married. Like you said, all of a sudden, our families get bigger. We are very lucky if we get along well with our extended family. I’ve tried it before ?

  2. How fast time is running … a little more and you will proudly hand over your daughter to your brother-in-law … probably a good man otherwise he certainly wouldn’t trust his daughter … once again I wish you all a nice wedding and celebration … no tears, my dear friend


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