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Unforgettable walk in a botanical garden in the town of Balchik

These photos I made in a beautiful place in Bulgaria in the balchik of Balchik in a botanical garden

The Botanical Garden in Balchik is located in the former summer residence of the Palace of Queen Maria. The garden spreads over 65 acres. Here are extremely rare exotic plants and trees. On a total area of 1 acres is located one of the most interesting collections of over 250 species of cacti and other succulents. After Monaco’s cactus collection, this one in Balchik is the second most fortunate species in Europe. In the botanical garden grow exotic and rare trees such as: rubber, candy, paper wood, ancient ginkgo, metasquoia, large-scale magnolia and others. In this unique garden are grown about 2,000 plant species. The palace near Balchik – “The Quiet Nest ” – is situated by the sea, between three steep banks. The place is out of reach of the winds and is rich in water, flowers and trees. The project for the palace was built by the Italian architects Americo and Augustinio. For 11 years, they have built a small but magnificent palace combining different architectural styles. It was completed in 1937. Queen Regina Maria is English by birth. She has spent much of her childhood in Egypt, and so, at her request, Roman, Oriental and Christian symbols are combined in her complex. The Botanical Garden and the Palace in Balchik are among the most popular tourist sites in the country. Many cultural events, pleiners and exhibitions are organized here.


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