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Tips how to decorate your home with plants

Not in vain, in Japan, in the country where is valued every foot of the ground, the art of bonsai and ikebana was born, and the celebration of the bloom of sakura is celebrated. People have long felt that plants are a source of tranquility, inspiration, harmony and comfort, giving a joy at both work and home environments.

For the decades are prevailing the interiors of established styles: classical, minimalist or Scandinavian style, modern, techno-industrial, and in many cases styles are being mixed. Such pragmatic tendencies in every previously installed or newly planned interior prevent to avoid the old or unfashionable label if once a year your interior is being updated with details and accents. Interior details, colors, individual elements and accents give you the freedom to improvise and the ability to over-renew your home, for example, potted plants.

In the world of the indoor flowers which is a living part of the interior, are also perceptible the fashionable winds. The main highlights of this year in the interior – the number of lamps and light, mirrors, metal and antique elements, carpets, various shades of green, bold colors, velvet, terracotta, cork materials. So if you put a group of leafy plants in a modern style room and put the plants in the metalware, you certainly will not be wrong. Traditional plants in ornate terracotta dishes will be used in the classical interior.

Indoor plants refresh and enliven the interior

How to choose flowers for a particular interior? It is very important to estimate the space of the room, in which side are the windows, how much light is there, where would you like to put the plant. The main criterion for plant selection is the room style, color and area – a small plant in large space will be lost, the proportions of the grown up plant must correspond to the height of the room, the area. Also important is the background in which the plant will be: the walls of the room, the shape and texture of the leaf of the plant, the blossoms, and the micro climate of the room – the sunlight, the temperature.

It is very easy to emote into the role of florist and put the pots with flowers everywhere wherever is free space in the room. It is necessary to avoid this extreme: it is better to have one or two expressive pots with interesting plants or, if there is space, create a group of several plants – the green island.

Composing the green island should be chosen the plants that love similar conditions, but their height and the shape of leaves are different. Also, in this case, the direction of the view is important – whether the plants will be seen from all sides or not.

Decorative flower dishes should be selected according to the style of the interior, but they should not put into the shade the plant, the dish with the plant should form a solid element. In the modern interiors are suitable metal, glass, glass fiber pots. Fashionable copper, galvanized cans. Metal highlights the plant’s texture and fits in the modern or techno-style interior. In the larger metal dish more fits the plants with bigger leaves: dracena, diphenbachia, peperomy.

In the classic interior, ceramic pots remain irreplaceable, croquettes of wicker or wood dishes are perfectly for a rustic style homestead. Recently,  non traditional dishes are the trend: cylinders, ovals, but the shape has not to interfere with the interior so that the dish in the environment does not appear to have accidentally entered like a foreign body. It is best to choose a dish together with the plant.

Seasonal plant compositions

Who ever saw the compositions created by professionals does not remain indifferent – they are emitting the heat, the festivity, and the joy. Particularly playful are Easter compositions, because their main attribute is chickens, chicks, eggs, and yellow. The same can be said about Christmas compositions.

Seasonal compositions are not necessarily disposable plants, and later the plants from the compositions can be transplanted into pots or garden flowers. The spring most symbolize the colorful and fragrant compositions of bulb flowers: hyacinths, narcissus, tulips and others. Seasonal flower compositions seem to bring celebration closer; plants symbolize the time of year and are attributes of the feast. At the same time, such compositions become a striking element of the interior.

And what plants symbolize the summer? Summer is a bright and multicolored blossom with predominantly bright shades of red or other colors. First of all, it’s roses. The usual miniature rose pot can be replaced by market news – stabilized or otherwise called “sleeping” roses, which are compositions of cut roses, they are composed in various dishes that match the interior style. What is a stabilized or “sleeping” rose? This is a natural rose flower that is saturated with a solution that preserves the plants – the blossom whole year remains naturally fresh, do not lose color. Such roses can be chosen according to the interior style.


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