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Tips and ideas for the Vintage interior design style

Recently, we often hear that the world has lost its head on “vintage” items: fashionable are not only clothing and accessories of this style, but also interior, furniture. The world full of innovations is turning back to the past. So, it’s no wonder that more and more people now are choosing the extremely fashionable style, the so-called vintage. Some of them gently describe it as nostalgia and memories, others as a combination of harmonious retro and classics.

If we briefly outline the vintage, it would be stylish and authentic. A more frivolous lyric explanation would sound like this: the nostalgic memory of a lovely old item with its own history and a lasting value.

The interior features several types of vintage design. First, when things are used for more than twenty years. It does not matter whether it is an old chest of drawers, a bed, a grandmother’s closet, a large oval dining table – in a new interior all this is a luxury, an accent, an exclusive detail. Some fantasies and old things will take on a completely different purpose.

Do not forget the artificial way to make things older than they are – any material can be made vintage with modern technology. This type of vintage will appeal to those who simply do not like the used items in their home. Combined vintage opens the door to the creativity.

By creating this style, you do not need to follow specific rules, you can choose things from your senses and your main place to look for interior details – grandmothers’ houses, garden lofts, flea markets. Are you ready to get acquainted with this style?

The vintage interior is a combination of different images and styles that can look different in every home, so it’s very difficult to say a recipe for creating such an interior. It would be inaccurate to name this interior as a style, but rather the aesthetics of everyday life – tastefully and stylishly matched old or aged objects.


To create a vintage interior of the home, the colors of the pastel and restrained tones of the walls will be chosen. The wallpapers, which are inseparable from the vintage, choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns, create incredible combinations in even one room. You can find really special wallpapers, which reflect certain periods, specially imitate aged walls, frescoes, patterns. Take a look at nature in the fall – get the best color inspirations for creating a vintage style.


Vintage objects can be called when they are 30 – 100 years old, older ones are an antiquarian ones. The feel of old times in a house is best created by leather or aged-wood furniture – old book shelves, cupboards, cabinets, chairs and tables. There are two ways to choose furniture to bring the spirit of the old days into the home – you can look for and buy worn, authentic, furniture of a certain age and accessories, or buy new, specially branded, waxed, pastel colors, decorated with unique paintings or carved interior objects.


Particularly important in the style of the vintage interior decoration style is the old carpet. It should be pastel colors, an authentic handmade product. The older the better, the more unique. It’s not always easy to get that carpet. Carpet makers have begun to use special technology to meet this need, when old-fashioned, Moroccan or Oriental carpets are raised to a new life. Special mosaic carpets. ¬†They are made by washing, brightening up several old carpet pieces and connecting them to one.


The various details are very important in the home interior. The vintage style allows them to be used in a wide variety of metal, glass, wooden, fabric. Try to have old items in your kitchen, such as jars for bulk products, sweets, sugar. For common spaces, use newspaper and raincoat holders, vases for flowers and fruits. Hang pictures, many photos, frame your family photos, and find places for grandparents, parents and family photos. Let in coziness and memories into your home.

Turning to the vintage is a desire to realize the need for comfort. When one misses the warmth and romance of his home, when he is tired of the so often cultivated minimalism, then he often returns to gorgeous, handmade ornamented furniture or other interior details.


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Written by Fortune

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