Tips for Interior Doors – Essential Element of Modern Dwelling

For the decor of an apartment or a private house every detail is important. The same can be said about such a functional and necessary interior detail as an interior door. In an apartment or a house, doors have long ceased to meet the need of owners to isolate a particular room. Doors are becoming active participants in the formation of the image of the home, its color palette and stylistic direction in design.

The shape and size of the interior doors

Even if you plan to repair or replace the door in an apartment where all the openings have standard dimensions, it is necessary to make sure in advance and make accurate measurements. Indeed, the manufacture of a door according to individual standards will not only increase the cost for repairs, but also extend the entire process in time.

Most buyers prefer to choose standard models that can be found in the assortment of stores, get quick and inexpensive. After all, the production of the door according to your size and design will be much more expensive, taking more time. But one can not admit the fact that the fabric made on the individual project not only perfectly fits into the parameters of the room, but can also become the decoration of the interior, its highlight.

Obviously, the most common version of the door in apartments and private homes is a single swing door. But double door are used quite actively. The wide doorway gives a sense of spaciousness, greater illumination of corridors and other premises, the possibility to move large furnishings.

The biggest disadvantage of swing doors is the need to release a sufficiently large amount of useful space for the rooms. Sliding doors are used for small rooms or simply spaces where near the doorway there is no possibility of securing the opening the door.

One of the variations of the doors, helping to save space and not requiring free meters for opening – folding doors. If space needs to be saved, and there are no possibilities for installing sliding doors, then the folding door is the option you are needed.

 The material for the doors production

The choice of material for the production of interior doors is influenced by two factors: budget and the specificity and micro climate of the room, its functionality. The main criterion for choosing the material for the manufacture of door panels is, nevertheless, your financial capabilities – the spread at prices is incredibly wide.

Fiberboards are one of the most common options that have secured its leading position at the expense of a decent price-quality ratio. Doors made of fiberboard are lightweight, easy to install and operate. A wide range of models also affects the popularity of this type of material for buyers. But the doors of fiberboard are not durable.

MDF panel doors – the fabric of this material is significantly more expensive, but also stronger, more durable. Doors made of MDF panels create excellent sound and thermal insulation. Doors are suitable for spaces with moisture above the average.

An array of wood is an environmentally friendly, durable, reliable material for the manufacture of doors. But, unfortunately, for high technological and aesthetic qualities you will have to pay a lot. It is also important to take into account the absolute eco-friendliness of the material.

Combined material’s doors. Very often, manufacturers create door in the following way: the basis is inexpensive and light wood, and on top it is lined with a veneer of more expensive and noble breeds. At the expense of this combination, it is possible not only to reduce the weight of the doors, while preserving high aesthetic qualities, but also to reduce the cost of the finished product.

Color solution and design for interior doors

The choice of color for interior doors is important question, because we are installing doors not for 1-2 years, but for decades. You can start from one simple solution – will your interior doors be accentuated elements or will coincide with the color palette of the interior?

White doors option                                      

If the rooms of your home are medium or even small, if the walls have a simple, unobtrusive finish, and the interior of your home is up-to-date, then the white doors are the best option. Designers often recommend the choice of door panels as a universal option. The white color will not point to the small size of the space, will act as an ideal background for other interior items. A white door can also act as a contrasting element of the interior, if it is located against a dark or bright wall.

The dark accent in the interior – interior doors

Creation of contrasting combinations is a condition of many stylistic directions in the interior design. Dark door panels help to bring clarity and constructiveness to the image of the room, create some drama, but at the same time emphasize the shape and line of space. The doors of the color of the wenge look richly and representative, creating a special atmosphere of the success of the interior itself, and hence its owners.

Bright color solution for doors

The bright color solution of the interior doors is a great way to bring an accent to the interior of the living space. One of the variants for the production of door panels in any color is a combination with the dominant element of the interior. But this task is not easy – it is necessary to get clear in the tone. The easiest way is to create a single accent in the image of the room due to the bright color of the door panel.

How to make interior doors a highlight of the interior

If the standard door panels in neutral tones are not your option, then you can safely go for original design of the doors. Interior doors occupy a lot of space in any interior, so the originality of the performance will not remain unnoticed.

In fact, there are no limitations in the choice of interior doors design, everything depends on your imagination and financial possibilities. But designers recommend listening to some recommendations for those who have all the interior doors go into one common room (entrance hall or corridor):
  • All doors must have the same height (at the same time they may be different widths);
  • Doors can be made of different materials, but they must have one design to maintain harmony in the interior of the common room.

Inserts made of transparent glass will allow you to transmit the maximum possible amount of sunlight between isolated premises. If you need to keep the privacy of the insulated area, while still allowing the possibility of penetration of a part of the light streams, then use matte or corrugated glass.

The originality of the door panels design can be achieved with an unusual shape. It is enough to replace the upper part of the door with an arched vault and the product becomes original, bringing some mysteriousness, elegance into the interior of the room.

The doors, decorated with carving on a tree in itself can become the main decoration of the interior, its highlight. Incredible, luxurious appearance of the doors, their exclusiveness, can give a special charm even to the most ordinary interior.


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