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Unforgettable cruise to the breathtaking Norwegian fjord (part 2)

This is the second part of my publication about amazing Hardangerfjord – the story about the beautiful fruit gardens growing on the fjord banks.

During our “Hardanger in a nutshell” tour, it seemed to us that all the shores of the fjord were in these marvelous gardens. How is it possible in the Nordic country?

There is the natural microclimate in these places, so each year the locals have a great chance to gather a good crop of apples, cherries and sweet cherries. What ensures the required temperature and all the necessary conditions for gardening? The famous Gulf Stream + the mountains protect Hardanger gardens from the North wind, and the water heated by the summer sun, generously shares with its warmth!

In autumn you can enjoy ripe red apples and dark shiny sweet cherries at the Bergen food festival/Bergen Matfestival, which is usually held in early September. Our family was happy to visit this feast in 2013. It turned out that fruits which we bought were grown on a farm located in the village of Ulvik (we stopped there during our Hardangerfjord cruise).

Enjoying the views of the Hardangerfjord and fruit gardens growing on its banks, we left these hospitable picturesque places. Our next stop was in Bergen and we went there by bus.

We saw manors in the mountains, farms, waterfall and rocks, “with tears welling up in the sun”. In the evening we arrived to Bergen and boarded the night train to Oslo.

Our NSB train arrived right on schedule and travelling by it was very comfortable!

The train arrived to Oslo early in the morning. All passengers came to the platform and after some time found them in the building of Oslo Central Station. That was the end of the tour “Hardanger in a nutshell”. Our family liked it very much!

Brief information about the Hardangerfjord:

  • Location – south-west of Norway, Hordaland county, Hardanger region.
  • It is considered as the second longest fjord in Norway and fourth in the world.
  • Traveling around the Hardangerfjord, you can see beautiful Vøringsfossen waterfall and the Folgefonna glacier (the third largest glacier in Norway). In 2005 it was declared as a national park.

And now let’s see the video about our Hardangerfjord cruise.


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