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Unforgettable cruise to the breathtaking Norwegian Fjord (part 1)

Me and my family was lucky enough to spend a few days in one of the most beautiful places of Norway – the surroundings of the Hardangerfjord. I would like to present you my story about the most memorable moments of our water cruise.

Our family trip to the charming Hardangerfjord took place in 2012. It was started in the town of Voss (for about 107 km from the city of Bergen).

A comfortable bus took us to the village of Ulvik. We were driving on a mountain road and saw lots of natural beauties: “weeping” rocks, amazing waterfall – tourists from Portugal then began to cry, “Cascado!”, “Cascado!”. Then Ulvik appeared on the horizon. It is a very nice place, where the farm produces fruit… sweet cherries, cherries and apples. Here you have the Northern country!

Some words about Ulvik. This pleasant village is is home to about 1100 inhabitants, there are several hotels, cafes and restaurant, which serves dishes made from local products.

The main places of interest – Hardanger factory for the production of cider and juice and a fruit farm where they grow apples and even… cherries and sweet cherries! A delicious cider, juice and brandy are derived from the local apples. Tourists are always happy to watch how cider is made, and they like to taste the final product.

Let’s turn to our journey. In Ulvik we took the cozy high-speed boat (catamaran air cushion,speed of about 35-40 km/h) and swam across the Hardangerfjord.

About 20-30 minutes of swimming, and we arrived at the town/commune Eidfjord. This place is very lovely; the population is about 1000 people; tourist attractions – kayaking, hiking trips on the glacier or on a farm located in the mountains. The places of particular interest are: Vøringsfossen waterfall with a height of 182 m and the hydroelectric power station situated inside the mountain at a depth of 700 m from the turbine hall. Visiting these sights was not in our plans, we superbly walked around the neighborhood, admiring the Norwegian exotic – the waters of the Hardangerfjord sparkling under the sun; the rocks, overgrown with bushes; fast mountain stream.

After that we got back to our boat and continued our voyage.

Soon (right in the middle of the fjord) we saw some interesting construction and just in case photographed. Later it became known that it was Hardanger Bridge, opened later in 2013. This suspension bridge allowed to cancel the ferry between destinations Bruravik-Brimnes on the fast track between Oslo and Bergen. By the way, to fall with it in the Hardanger fjord, is not recommended, because the depth of the latter, after all, is about 500 m.

Our catamaran quicklytook us on the Hardangerfjord to the coast of the village of Lofthus. In the photo bekow you can see the long white building – Hotel Ullensvang (favorite hotel of Edvard Grieg), and next to it – straight rows of fruit trees (apples and cherries).

The village is about 30 kilometers from the town of Odda. This cozy and picturesque town, as well as the town of Voss, has its tourist area with hotels and campings. One of the main attractions – the medieval church.

Then we arrived to the village of Norheimsund (end stop of our fjord cruise, 80 km from Bergen). Tourists also indulge with their attention this lovely place. In particular, they are attracted here by the opportunity to see a beautiful Steinsdalsfossen waterfall. By the way, the German Emperor Wilhelm II paid frequent visits to this region every summer from 1889 to the beginning of the First World War.

In Norheimsund we had to said goodbye to beloved boat, boarded the bus and drove to Bergen. But the story about the Hardnagerfjord is not finished yet, you can read some curious details in the second part of this publication.


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