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Top 10 sights to see in China

Thousands of people seem to be walking by inertia, streets flooded with bicycles and rickshaws, incomprehensible advertising slogans and signboards – it looks like you found yourself being of the other planet. It’s one of the oldest civilizations in the world, where the citizens always wish you success, the Gourmet cuisine with little calories, the mornings starting with Tai Chi rhythm and the trains flying in a big speed into the work day, fragrant gardens and the ancient authenticity of Chinese architecture. Want to see all this?

Explore the main cities of China – Beijing and Shanghai, see the Suzhou – the Far East Venice and get acquainted with the most important architectural monuments. The China, an amazing, unique, authentic and fast-paced country will capture everyone. China does not stop surprising at every step, no matter whether it is a small village with a flock of gooses or capital cities with sky-high skyscrapers – China is amazing.


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