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Rotorua – Part one

I am in Rotorua but have to drive back home tomorrow. 

Only a few of them photos do I share. Rotorua is known for it’s hot pools, geysers and sulphur smell.

I am staying in a “Home away from Home”, it is nice, spacious and a friendly place. Our hosts are kind and courteous. It is not expensive and reasonably priced. Yet, we have privacy and splendid views. We are right next to lake Rotorua.

I spent a lot of time seeking a place that accommodates 2 adults and a budgie, Louis, and I found plenty of places but most said, “Absolutely no pets!”. These people did not want pets, but they don’t mind a budgie and so Louis is welcome. He does no harm to their furniture.

 My sister Felicity told me about 2 websites and this was one of them. You don’t find this website immediately on google. In fact, I did not think I could find a pet friendly place in Rotorua that I could afford, but it helps to have sisters who know about travel in more detail.

Now for the trip down to Rotorua from Auckland, we went straight down the main highway through Huntly, Hamilton, Tirau and to Rotorua. We stopped at Huntly for coffee and continued our way. I filled up the tank of petrol in Tirau. 

It pays if you are in New Zealand to fill up on petrol on stations outside of Auckland city, it is expensive to fill up on petrol in New Zealand but some places are more expensive than others. The South Island is as expensive as Auckland to fill up on petrol, which I think is unfair. However, people have their commercial reasons. Another, is to discourage people from using fossil fuels, and that would be great if we could all afford and easily run electric cars…There are some electric cars in New Zealand but only the very rich can afford them.

The thumbnail picture is a picture of the view towards Rotorua city.

Here I will include some photos of the views and I may yet get some more views. 

A morning view of Lake Rotorua from where I am staying but within minutes the sky began to change.

I decided to go for a short walk by the Jetty right by the lake

Then there is another view

And another……

Just to show you the street behind me and where I am staying is another street on the right…

The clouds were spectacular and we were in for a sunny day

Shows the Jetty and Mokoia Island where Hinemoa was.

This is looking towards Rotorua City

The view here is looking away from Rotorua City. I think that is enough information and photos for one reading.

I will probably put in something different about Rotorua next time.


What do you think?

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. This place is fabulous for a break. I thought that only here in Spain people do not want to rent a home to pet owners. But it is obviously a practice for other places in the world, even if you have had this problem.

  2. These views are lovely!!
    It’s like a natural mirror!!

    We’ve electric cars here too and only a handful owns them …
    charging stations is not so easily available here too (due to little people owning them)

  3. Thanks Carol, I cant believe you just read this post, so fast . I just posted it. Its a long way from New Zealand to USA. In the past even a phone call to another country here, had to be booked. One had to wait for a boom for your turn to come around.
    That is before satellite technology.
    Today, the speed of communication is fantastic…..

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