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French Bay

This is some pictures that I took of French Bay in Titirangi, Waitakere Ranges, Auckland. I took these on a morning with some fog over the water. There are many of these bays in North West Manukau. It always looks great in the morning when the tide tide is in.

You need to have a car in Auckland and it’s especially true in the Waitakere Ranges and you need to know that if you are visiting New Zealand, we drive on the left like in the United Kingdom and Australia is the same as we are. Make sure if you get off the plane, you are very careful on the roads. Tired tourists kill too many people on our roads.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


  1. Great pictures – good recommendation to be careful when tired and driving. Same of course goes for drinking and driving, and for that matter driving in a place you are not familiar. Or driving at night, Or driving in the rain and so on…