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Virily Issue: Editing Drafts

How do I edit my drafts? I’ve tried several times with no luck. I can view it, but I cannot edit it. If you know how to solve this issue leave me the answer in the comment box below. Thank you!

tasartcraft usually addresses this type of Virily problem.  He may have a post about this very problem of mine. I will not put anything as of right now into drafts, until I know I can edit them. Thank you in advance tasartcraft for helping us understand about such concerns.

Has anyone else been experiencing editing problems such I I have been experiencing? Thank you!


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      • No, it is not a problem, I was wondering because I saw Doc’s comment who assumed and obviously understood you actually had some other problem with editing and posting and not with the button, and even wrote an article about that Other problem like there is such a problem but I think there isn’t… That is why I posted my article about it today asking what it was actually about…! 😐

        I too understood it was the Button you meant…

  1. Asking if others have the same problem makes sense. Expecting to get an accurate and informed answer from any writers here is not reliable. (While they may have informed me or someone else what my problem was or is – it might not be the problem you are having) Please reach out to support so they can answer your questions, correctly for your personal situation. – It helps a lot of misinformation.

  2. I don’t think you are the only one with this issue.

    1. using chrome I cannot publish drafts from time to time.
    2. Using Edge, I do not have that issue.

    There was a code change on the site with the last release. Not sure what yet, but there appears to be many ripples.

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