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Making Money From Your Blog

Many people these days now have their own personal blogs, and these can be a lucrative source of income.

When planning to set up a blog, there are some guidelines to follow which can make all the difference for its success, as given below:

  1. Take a long-term approach: you’ll need to build readers and experiment with different ways of making money. Research the market and use SEO to find out what is trending, and what is likely to bring in the required traffic.
  2. Work hard. To bring in a full-time income, expect to put in full-time hours.
  3. Choose an original subject that advertisers are likely to find appealing and that is not already covered.
  4. Come up with good content regularly.  This will need a combination of planning and inspiration. It helps if you are writing on a subject you are passionate about.
  5. Make your blog stand out with brilliant imagery, writing and layout. You need to attract both readers and advertisers.
  6. Drive traffic to your site.  This means getting good at SEO ( search engine optimisation) and article marketing.
  7. Selling advertising is key.  Design your site so that the ads are noticeable and appealing, and familiarize yourself with how blog advertising works.
  8. Sell products too – virtual and/or real.  Ebooks are probably the most obvious, but consider also webinars, courses, apps and reports.  Also it is worth thinking about T-shirts, DVDs, books or other merchandise.


Spin-off work may come from being a popular blogger – a newspaper column, consulting, or after-dinner speaker.

Once your blog is a roaring success, you can then syndicate it or sell it to the highest bidder!


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Written by Maggie Bailey

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  1. Useful tips. I think a lot of people think they can simply write and make a fortune – sadly it doesn’t work that way – it takes a ton of work! I wrote 700 articles on Hubpages before I started making a decent residual income. Part of the process of being successful was also editing those 700 articles constantly, and later on reducing the numbers down to about 150 when it became obvious many articles were not successful.

    • Thank you SimeyC. Yes, it certainly is a lot of work, to make money from blogging and web-writing! I tried Hubpages, but didn’t get on with it very well. I think it was because I realised it was going to take so much time and effort to make any money at all out of it, so I gave up on it quite early. I needed much quicker results.

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