Advice and take of Kenneth Shumaker to a friend on friends and writing!

Advice and take of Kenneth Shumaker to a friend, on friends and writing!

Yes, your English is much better then any second language I have. My bad on my part. I commend you on your excellent learning of another language.

I too understand the plight of making friends in places and then losing them when we move on, because with my past I’ve moved many time and I have experienced this phenomena many times over. It is never the same again when we meet up years later. My past friends and I are friendly but not the friends we once were, our paths seem to have diverged too much.

I hope our paths, yours and mine, can merge at least for a time as we see each other’s strengths and work, appreciating admiring the hard efforts we both put into our individual crafts.

Yes, I think you could be published, how you go about it depends on funds you have and effort you can afford to put in, as well as the skills you have along with the support you have. This all adds up to determining the path you choose. There is almost no one who will tell you that. Most will swear by one form of publishing over another, especially the publishers and those who work for them. There are a few creatives who will be non-judgemental, or biased, and give an honest opinion, but there are a few, and the number is growing.

Each form of publishing has its strengths and its sharks. So be wise, open and do your research before accepting anything.

I’ve had people recommending I option my work for film, I’m not sure about doing so. I was even invited to join, the film guild’s, Slated, to send out proposals to producers and screenwriters.

As well audio producers have pitched to me to produce my stories. Does that mean my work is that good? Or are they attempting to make a money grab from someone they suspect has the ego they can brush, to sweep in cash? I don’t know.

I had two publishers approach me, I know that such was their motive. They wanted me to pay them to publish my book, before I even approached them, and they started talking money at the first meeting. Never even attempting to schmooze with me.

So be careful of people approaching you to publish or promote you, they may be sharks, but they may be legitimate too and honest. You need to research them before responding to them, if they refuse to give you time to research them, they’re likely sharks out for a grab and snatch, so your better off saying, NO!

This is my answer to your question my friend, talk with you soon, I love your last images you put online on Virily.

Your friend, Kenneth.

May the words Stay with you!

September 24, 2017.

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Thank you, yours sincerely, Kenneth, with Inevitable Unicorn Press.

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