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Create a Strategic Business Plan

Thursday, September 21, 2017

At 4 pm, I returned home to eat my early dinner before I go to a business meetup at 6. Since it was kind of cool, I decided to wear a poncho. The business meetup is about Strategic Business Plan, which is similar to Business/Marketing Plan. But this meetup is mostly about starting up a business. I mostly went there to pick up some strategic sales and marketing ideas. I already know how to do a marketing/business plan from the early nineties.

Important sales tips that I picked up from this event:

  1. Create a nonfiction and memorable story about your product/service.
  2. Always prepare for the worst by thinking and planning ahead.
  3. In order to promote something, think about how your product or service can solve a particular problem for others or help others in some way by making their life easier. And, then promote your product or service as a lifesaver.
  4. There are 3 different needs: a natural need for something, such as food, water, shelter. A created need for something, which is created by the Zionist media to trick people into buying things that they don’t really need. And, there is legislated needs, which are based on laws.
  5. You also need to find your particular niche, which is your target audience who most need and want your product or service.
  6. Protect your ideas, products, and/or service with patent, TM, or R, or just keep it a secret from others. A patent should be useful, new, and non-obvious. TM is free, and it is a commercial trademark. R means Registered Trademark, and it costs money. You would register an image for your company, such as a logo.
  7. When you do a copyright on something, it should have the date, name of the company and owner, and the Copyright symbol. For my first novel, I did the cheapest copyright, which is also called “poor man’s copyright.” I stuffed my first draft into a manila envelope and mailed it to myself. When I received the package in the mail, I kept it sealed and put it away in my file cabinet as my copyright for my first novel.
  8. It is also important to create business contracts for employees. Make sure everyone reads it and signs it.
  9. Analyze your financial summary from your monthly balance sheets and income statements. Check out the monthly profit and loss as well as the cash flow statement.
  10. Know your competitors, which includes their weaknesses and strengths, so that you can better promote your product or service as a better alternative to what your competitors offer.
  11. Perform a market research analysis in order to successfully sell your product or service to your niche or target audience.
  12. A good strategic business plan is a detailed blueprint of steps to take, which will lead you toward your final goal. It is about making the right decisions, taking productive action, and moving forward toward your main goal. Doing thorough research and studying your economic situation will help you make the right decisions.


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