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White Rhododendrons in a Chicago Garden (2017-05-31 13-39-03a)

White Rhododendrons in a Chicago Garden (2017-05-31 13-39-03a)

Rhododendron – Order Ericales : Family Ericaceae : Subfamily Ericoideae : Tribe Rhodoreae : Genus Rhododendron

The flowers were photographed in a garden in Chicago, Illinois.

The photo was taken with a Nikon Coolpix P7700 camera. Editing was done using ACDSee Ultimate 2019. I used the ‘Crush’ action in the Architecture collection. This action applies the Dehaze filter, adjusts the levels, increases the clarity, adjusts the lighting to make it a bit lighter, adjusts the saturation, hue and brightness of the blues, reduces the noise, sharpens and adds a slight vignette.

Photo © 2017 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved

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Written by Gary J Sibio