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Wacky Wednesday – the New Zealand Tui

The craziest bird sometimes is the Tui bird, they are smart, aggressive and they are mimics. They have beautiful melodious song and love nectar.

You go to photograph them in spring and they are busy playing musical chairs. They fly over head like a puffing bellows. They can be very noisy. 

They shine out like a New Zealand beckon but our National Bird is the night flightless bird,, the Kiwi…I have never seen one except the zoo and then not very well.

The Tui, is a real wacky bird…….

Tui feasting on Flax Flowers

This was taken at my sister's Felicity's place in Te Kauwhata in the country.

This guy was talking and watching me

Taken at Orewa outside Estuary Arts

Tui feasting on Pink spring flowers

Taken at Epson on the roadside, there was quite a few This doing the same

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Here is a front view of the Tui

Taken somewhere in Epsom, Auckland on the roadside

Tui feeding on Bottlebrush flowers

Taken in Onehunga outside an old bowling club that has been turned into a collective garden hosted by a Pacific Island group.

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