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Wacky Wednesday – Tern Flight & Other birds..

These birds were fishing by a bridge in Karaka. They weren’t the only one’s. They were joined by Pied Shags, Juvenile Black Backed Gulls and one sneaky White faced Grey Heron watching from the side.

Altogether, it was really interesting watching them. There were quite a few birds there, and I shall also mention there was ordinary seagulls.

#1 Tern flight

Several flew past me.

#2 Juvenile Tern

This bird is very focused on finding fish. 

These wings are bigger than what they look.

#3 Sky ward

The Terns flew back and forth and often seemed to hover in the air. I think they were focused on the fish in the water.

#4 Pied Shags

They went with the current under the Karaka bridge then flew back and did it all again. Sometimes they dived in the water while swimming and caught a fish underwater.

#5 Juvenile Black gull flight

These birds often hovered in the air, sometimes landing.

#6 Pied Shags

One just landed

#7 Pied Shag flight

Here it goes. 

#8 Sneaky White faced Grey Heron.

I would say he or she got fish the Heron was very clever.

What do you think?

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