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The white bride

These are photographs of the flower “bride and groom” However, this is only the bride, and the groom has not come yet …..

Not all growers know that under the unusual name of the flower of the room, “the bride and groom” means the ordinary bell of the equal-sized Campanula or bell of Maya. This room flowers are 20-30 cm high with light green leaves, located on thin creeping or downward sprouting shoots, abundantly blooming from June to October, with bells-flowers up to 4 cm in diameter. Distinguish where the “bride and groom” is only in color: white with the bride (this is the grade “Alba”), and gentle blue with the groom (this is the variety “Maya”).

There is a sign that if you give two flowers to the wedding (both the groom and the bride), they will help the newlyweds to create a strong family, which will never leave love and happiness.


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Written by Olga N