OC Fashion Week 2017: Day 4 at Jimmy Choo

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I woke up around 11:30 am to take my shower and feed Gumby. At 2 pm, I was out the door, dressed in my burgundy off-the-shoulder ruffled, long-sleeve blouse, dark floral leggings, and black combat boots. I dropped by the gas station for some gas, before driving to South Coast Plaza to check out a Jimmy Choo event at Nordstrom. It was a breezy and cool day, which felt more like autumn. The first day of autumn is actually tomorrow. I was getting lots of positive vibes since I drove out of my garage, which is a good sign.

I entered South Coast Plaza’s Nordstrom department store at around 2: 30 pm, and I walked toward the Jimmy Choo Made to Order event. I checked out cute but very expensive shoes: flats and high heels. I gravitated toward the non-leather ones, such as velvet, satin, and patent shoes. There were some shiny sparkling ones, as well, besides the casual boots, espadrilles, and mules. But I would need a very special event or occasion to buy something this expensive, such as maybe my future wedding or my birthday. And, an expensive designer item can create special memories for a particular event. It might even become your “lucky charm” item, in which you would wear this at a special event for, maybe, a positive result or hoping something special and lucky to occur.

But, in my case, I am still single, not planning any wedding with anyone, and my birthday was in August. I don’t have any special occasion to encourage me to buy a very expensive accessory, like designer shoes or purse. I just sipped a flute of champagne, browsed and chatted with the other women.  The champagne got to my head fast, as usual, and I drank a glass of distilled water with lemon slice. There were waiters walking around with trays of champagne, water, and colorful pastel macaroons. But the macaroons weren’t vegan, although they looked good. So, I opted out.

This fashion event reminded me of that TV show, Sex in the City, which is about four cunts who buy expensive shoes while complaining about their relationship problems at restaurants and bars.


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