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Flowers have always been the subject of admiration

Flowers can rejoice and bitter, be a sign of strong love, but also of deep sorrow.

Flowers have always led people to try to emulate them with color, shape and flavor. They have since antiquity been present in the customs, and religion of the peoples. People feel the need for flowers and always strive to be close to them. With some simple examples, we can make you believe that flowers are known to people of ancient times and that they have always been admired.

According to the Bible, the first place where people lived before committing the first-born sin was the Garden of Eden, scattered with different flowers relishing the eye of Adam and Eve.

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, which has not yet been discovered, is Hanging Gardens of Semiramis. In this unusual world bloom the most amazing and rare species of trees and beautiful flowers. Day and night hundreds of slaves go blooming the most amazing and rare types of trees and beautiful flowers.

In the mythology of many nations there is a deity of flowers, plants and, in general, of nature. In Roman mythology, Flora is the goddess of flowers and gardens. Her name is associated with the kingdom of plants “flora and fauna”. At the celebrations in her honor on the altar, she was laying grain in a sign of love for her. The nymph, flower patrol in ancient Greek mythology is the nymph of Christ.

Nowadays, flowers are most often associated with the love for a neighbor. There is no holiday where it is inappropriate to give a flower – birthday, name day, wedding, anniversary, anniversary … all these events are accompanied by flowers.

Most people say, “I do not know how to grow flowers, they die,” but in fact the truth is that a flower needs love and respect. We love the flowers, we love nature as well. Not nature itself is a collection of flowers.

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