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The last rituals of melting glaciers due to climate change

A 700-year-old glacier in the European country of Iceland has completely melted. A large number of locals gathered on the occasion and expressed regret that the gathering had turned into the last glacier ceremony.

This glacier called ‘Okjokull’ was 700 years old and for a long time the locals were providing clean drinking water and for the past few years, its volume has been declining, However, a few days ago, the glacier was completely melted down and hundreds of people flocked to say goodbye.

The local administration also issued its regular death certificate on the removal of the glacier.

Glaciers around the world, including Iceland, are melting fast, and if their melting speed remain same, all of Iceland’s glaciers would be gone in the next 200 years. An another ice area in Greenland has melted 2,700 billion metric tons of snow from 2003 to 2013. Experts have termed the region’s snow as very unpredictable and say its melting speed will increase further.

Since 2000, Antarctica’s snow has been melting very fast and in that period, about 8,000 different small lakes have been formed. On the other hand, the icy area of the North Pole has also decreased by 6,200,000 square miles.

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