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All-changing year

Apparently, 2020 began like all other years. But it’s basically a different, all-changing year. In fact, countless people have long prayed for something to happen in this world. Because without a large-scale catastrophe, the change could no longer be expected, it was pointless to wait until the demonstrators – state authorities, money holders, various political and other mafias, traffickers, rapists, embezzlers – realized that humanity had reached the end.

Mass ridicule from the ideas of humanism, from human nature, from nature, no longer knowing what to do with the excess, absolute overeating and fornication, arrogance, and worshiping themselves have reached the highest point of humanization.

By playing funny supposedly war games and dividing the budget not for real needs, but for calculating how many more boys need toy-rifles to have fun, an invisible enemy fell from the ambush.

Today, as all life triumphs and begins to spread buds for a new life cycle, yesterday’s arrogant, greedy, and frustrated man cries over his helplessness against the Lady Death. The wheel turned around.

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