Los Glaciares National Park

What happens when you live underneath the world’s third-largest ice cap, just south of dozens of massive glaciers, all of which melt right into you? You become the largest freshwater lake in the country: Lake Argentino in the wilds of Patagonia, Argentina. With 546 square miles of surface area, the lake has plenty of room for visitors to ply the waters, getting close to gargantuan glaciers such as this one. Lake Argentino lies entirely within Los Glaciares National Park, a place brimming with scenery so spectacular it borders on the unbelievable. It’s more than just a pretty picture: Bring your rod and reel – great fishing is to be had here. Massive floating iceberg on Lake Lago Argentino with a snowcapped mountain in the background, near Upsala Glacier, Patagonia, Argentina.

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