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So Random!

Do any of you have a folder of images that don’t really have a place? Those total random photographs.

The images below are some of these….!

This is the day Maggie Mae found 27 golf balls, and no, this is no where near a golf course.

Interesting part, is that a local golf course reported birds stealing golf balls… I think Maggie found some of them!

I loved this old wooden gate. It belongs in a Wild West movie!

Sometimes off the beaten path is very beaten… How many different animals made these? I can count 4 or 5.

This Red Tailed Hawk is a common raptor here in Southern California, the photo was too fuzzy for anything really, but I couldn’t get rid of it. She was just too cute. She follows me when I hike near the house. This is right out my back door.  

Anyone need a ride? Slightly used, and yes, I did look up the plate. hahaa. (Last registered in 1984, a year after my first son was born). No crimes reported. I mean you have to wonder..

This utility pole.. notice the line dangling. Luckily it was not live.

A local storm took out a lot of sand on our local island. This is Coronado Island, and an old shipwreck was uncovered. More on that later. This is the SS Monte Carlo, and some people standing on its metal.

Sometimes we do have storms in Sunny Southern California. This was reported later as a tornado, in Oceanside, California.

Sometimes you come across a California King Snake. It is called a king snake because it is indeed the king of all snakes in these parts. They kill rattlesnakes, and are very docile to humans.

I hope you have enjoyed this randomness.. Good day to all!


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