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A Journey to Understanding

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and evening with my niece. She blew Bubbles, and spotted a humming bird going into the neighbors feeder, so she screamed “You need to get, a pic. Don’t forget to zoom Lol!”  I think I’ve trained her well.

As she blew Bubbles, and I let her be a child, because let’s face it now a days, children are forced to grow up far to soon.  As the reality of our world unfolds, I took her back to a time when I listened to Ace of Base, and we sang along to Reba.  

Meanwhile the news spoke of terror attacks in Barcelona, something I can’t shield her from, and the reality that in 2017 hate still exists.  The other day we watched Hidden Figures together, and talked about how those women in NASA broke open doors, at a time when you were judged by your gender, and the color of your skin.

Children are born color blind, perhaps we should work to keep them that way.

In the movie Hidden Figures there were a few scenes that resognated with me, like this one between Between Mary and Karl:

Mary: I’m a Negro woman. I’m not going to entertain the impossible.
Karl Zelinski: Mary, I’m a polish Jew whose parents died in the concentration camp. And now I’m [in the space program]. We are living the impossible.

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